AutoIT, unveil Next Generation Black Box through 'CES'
AutoIT, unveil Next Generation Black Box through 'CES'
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“Stability of domestic business ...
Active entry into overseas markets”

[By Seung-han LEE] AutoIT(오토아이티), a company that develops and manufactures IT products for vehicles, will launch its ‘Next Generation Black Box’ at CES2020, the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas, from Jan. 7 to 10.

According to industry sources, AutoIT will set up a booth at the 'joint hall' created by 45 venture start-ups and SMEs in Daegu and Gyeongbuk ICT convergence fields led by Daegu Techno Park Mobile Convergence Center. At the event, AutoIT will release its own AI-based ‘Next Generation Black Box’ and its ‘Mobile Object Detection(MOD) System’ and ‘Event Data Record(EDR) System’ to the world.

The Next Generation Black Box introduced through the exhibition have been applied to the technology to detect and respond to active moving objects. It is a technology developed in the stage of passively showing and storing images. AutoIT, which developed the product, is a company with unique technology in the field of image recording, multi-channel full HD class around view monitoring system (multi-channel full HD class AVM-DVR). AutoIT will showcase the latest multi-channel full HD AVM-DVR that combines AI technology.

The Next Generation Black Box developed by AutoIT can be operated in three stages: 'multi-channel full HD AVM-DVR', 'MOD system' and 'EDR system'. The first step, the multi-channel full HD AVM-DVR, is the same as the basic product, and can be applied from 4 channels to 8 channels for use purposes. The analog video signal inputted through the camera is converted into digital, recorded and stored for a long time by the international standard compression method, and can be reproduced when necessary. In addition, a MOD system that can check the moving objects around the vehicle in the driver's seat and at the same time, apply the latest algorithm to detect and warn the collision movement around the vehicle in operation. Finally, the EDR system stores information collected from the Next Generation Black Box-mounted vehicles on the central server, which allows police, fire stations, hospitals, insurance companies, and other services to be linked.

"It is a product that can be applied mainly to large vehicles such as buses and trailers, special purpose vehicles such as fire trucks and cleaning cars, and military vehicles. It is possible that the safety accident which can occur through the AVM image and MOD function among operation is prevented. The video recording image which obtains when the accident or the specific situation occurs is utilized." said Ki-jin KIM, director of the AutoIT Research Institute.

AutoIT’s multi-channel full HD class AVM-DVR have already been commercialized since 2018, and have been fully verified for their quality by being installed in concrete mixer trucks, children and youth school vehicles, cleaning cars(pressurized dust and rubbish style model), tank lorry for extinguishing nuclear power plants, and construction equipment such as excavators. In the past year, the possibility of entering the military market was also opened. Both camera, image and output resolution, as well as monitoring and recording functions, are considered to be overwhelming competitive products. In 2018, AutoIT said it sold 5813 systems to domestic(1614 units) and overseas(4199 units).

AutoIT plans to launch a platform for entering the global ADAS market, which is expected to grow explosively through participation in CES2020. As it has its own competitiveness, it is highly likely to succeed.

“Due to the strengthening of automobile safety regulations around the world, it is mandatory to install vehicle safety sensors and safety systems centered on developed countries. Since May 2022, a bill has been enacted on safety features that should be installed in new models in Europe. AutoIT is a manufacturer of automobile-related products that constantly conducts technical research on image sensors and embedded board-based ADAS, but overseas sales growth is slow due to high global market entry barriers and lack of awareness. Currently, domestic business, which has entered into full swing since 2018, is gradually stabilizing, mainly AVM and DVR for vehicles. After 4Q last year, it succeeded in winning large-scale projects from related companies in the market, and it is expected to grow significantly. This year, we plan to go beyond the level of simply providing vehicle images and actively advance into overseas markets with advanced functions.” AutoIT CEO Myung-hwan CHUNG said.

Established in 2014, AutoIT specializes in manufacturing commercial vehicle image and security products such as buses and special cars, as well as machine vision inspection systems used in automation facilities. Also introducing technology that precedes competitors in intelligent automobile technology and smart factory technology as well as car camera and AVM and DVR.

Meanwhile, CES is the largest and most influential technology event in the world, hosted by the American Consumer Technology Association(CTA). Recently, it has attracted attention as an exhibition to look at all aspects of the global technology market including AI, 5G, automobile, augmented reality(AR), virtual reality(VR) and robots. This year, 4500 companies are expected to participate. The number of visitors is expected to reach 180000.

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